Java - West Java Frinsa, Washed

$7.00 per pound
Cupping Score 84
Blood orange, limestone, pleasant minerality, hardwood, cozy
Tangy, citric, unique
Sweet clove, Tootsie Roll, honeybush tea, white pepper, cinnamon, caramel, rosé wine, earthy
Date sugar, cooked orange
Full bodied, coating, round
Long finish
Size 10 pound bag

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In Our Roastery

We look to Indonesia for coffees that are rich, earthy, and heavy-bodied. When searching for a coffee to use for a darker roast profile, this region is a typical go-to. It's always our goal to feature a well-rounded menu of coffees from around the world, so we make sure to hold a place on our greens page for a coffee just like this. 

When we purchase coffee from Java, we seek out notes of citrus and spice with heavy sweetness and herbaceous qualities. Our experience is that these hold up well at medium and dark roast levels. When roasted lightly, the herbaceous and savory qualities really rise in the cup profile, but pushing it a few degrees higher in drop temp helps clarify the beautiful notes this origin offers.

In Your Lineup

If you're a fan of darker roast blends, Java makes for a great component. Because the price point is a bit higher for blending, smaller percentages around 25-35% are best to start. A little goes a long way from this origin, as the flavors and the body are both quite assertive. 

While you’re at it, try this at a medium or dark roast level to add a complex and adventurous offering to your single-origin menu. 

Use our Profile

RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR-6 while roasting a 6 pound batch.


Turning Point

Green < Yellow

First Crack

Origin: Java, Indonesia
Region: West Java
Farm: Frinsa Collective
Variety: Bandung, Tilu Mountains, Pangalengan, West Java
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1400-1700 masl
RoastPATH® ID: CI360-A02-0303


The Frinsa Collective is focused around a family-owned estate known as Frinsa, run by Wildan Mustofa. The "collective" refers to the family's purchasing of coffee from neighboring producers for processing and sale from the Finsa Estate. According to green-coffee buyer Piero Cristiani, Wildan and his family are progressive, focusing on experimental processing more than is commonly found in Java. The Collective produces Honeys, Naturals, anaerobic-environment fermentation, and is also separating out single-variety lots. Wildan oversees the agricultural and processing side of the business, while his wife Atieq handles contracts and their son Fikri does the cupping.

The coffee is rinsed, sorted, and depulped the same day it's delivered, and fermented for 18 hours. It's washed to remove the mucilage, then dried on patios for 7–10 days.

West Java, Indonesia

Customer Reviews

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John Schenk

My first purchase from Mill City and I’m quite happy with the first two roasts. The beans held up nicely to a dark roast but the smooth, earthy nuttiness really showed up well in the City roast.


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