Coffee Roaster Build schedule

BATCH #227


International Customers: Shipped/Done

June 4th: This batch is due to arrive in Minneapolis within the next few days. We'll likely be able to start shipping orders for those of you who have waited the longest next week and everyone else, the week after. Thanks for your patience!

BATCH #228


International Customers: Ready in JUNE

June 4th: This batch is due ready to leave our production facility around June 13th.

BATCH #229


International Customers: Ready in August (Tentative)

June 4th: The batch will begin production soon.

While you wait

Roasted Coffee Evaluation: Assessing Quality and Improving Profiles

When you're roasting coffee for retail, it's not uncommon to find yourself in a positive feedback loop. Your customers (typically regulars and, if you're still a...

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Understanding Low Acidity Coffee

The most common customer request commercial coffee roasteries get is for low-acidity coffee. Before you run down that rabbit hole, here are a couple of...

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Green Coffee Buying Basics

Depending on your coffee quality target, buying green coffee can be either easy or one heck of a lot of work. If you’re roasting very...

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Roast Sensory Cues: A Detailed Analysis

We have worked very hard to build the most capable and most thoughtfully instrumented commercial coffee roasters ever built. We record data multiple times per...

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What's the best Roast Development Time (DTR) and Finish Temperature?

I’ve been asked this question in class and seen it online innumerable times. "What has the greatest impact on a finished roast, the roast development...

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What is a soak?

We get asked quite often – what is a soak? When we refer to a soak in our Roasting 101 class, we’re generally talking about...

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What's In A Roastery: Part 5

This is the fourth in an ongoing series on what tools we keep in the Mill City roastery for efficiency, quality control, and more. Click...

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Green Blending Basics

The mystery of blending In a recent post about creating a great Holiday Blend, I mentioned a few strategies for blending greens. Blending helps roasters create...

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Building the Best Holiday Blend

Blending Basics Blending coffees is a topic we cover every time we teach our roasting classes. We share some of the best practices, methodology, and...

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