El Salvador - Chalatenango Luis Hernandez Microlot, Washed

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Cupping Score 84
Raisin, orange, cocoa, bay leaf, lemon pastry
Tart, citric, lime, grapefruit
Complex, Campari, cherry, blood orange, milk chocolate, marshmallow, nougat, toffee, melon, malty, minerality, herbaceous, orange wine
Cooked strawberry, cane sugar
Syrupy, smooth, 2% milk
Lingering, hibiscus
Size 10 pound bag

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In Our Roastery

We first selected this coffee to be serve a component of our winter seasonal blend, Snowblind.

This coffee is complex and unique, with flavors that we initially found challenging to describe. The sample roast presented a tart sweetness and Ethiopia-like characteristics with a syrupy mouthfeel. It was very different from what we know El Salvador cups to be like. We typically expect a profile that's rich, balanced, and chocolatey with a nice acidity from this region. 

What we taste in this cup is a departure from the usual. There was something about it that prompted us to purchase it. We love the layers of flavors and the juxtaposition between the acidity and bitterness. With herbaceous and botanical notes, this coffee is a different experience that we find really exciting.

The tart sweetness may be coming from the variety. This cultivar stems from the Timor Hybrid which is a cross of Arabica and Robusta, the purpose of the hybridization was to create a rust-resistant cultivar. Very cool.

In Your Lineup

As a light-medium roast profile, this is a great offering for a unique and interesting pour-over at the cafe level. On your retail shelf, this could be a special 8oz offering for your customers to try or a gift to the coffee aficionado in their life. It's sure to be something new for the daily coffee drinker. 

Approaching this coffee with a medium heat application for an elongated roast profile will let the coffee open up and bring balance between tart acidity, syrupy body, and complex flavors. The faster the roast, the more savory and tart this coffee becomes. If that’s what you are tasting, try elongating your mid-phase to work more heat into the bean.  

Use our Profile

RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR500 while roasting a 400 gram batch.

Turning Point
Green < Yellow
First Crack

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Chalatenango
Farm: Luis Hernandez
Variety: Lempira
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1800 masl
RoastPATH® ID: 


Finca Cerro Negro is a 2-hectare farm with about 6,000 coffee trees, owned and operated by Luis Alonzo Hernandez. He grows a mix of varieties, including Pacas, Bourbon, and small about of the leaf-rust resistant hybrid Catimor 90. The coffees are Washed process, picked and depulped before a dry fermentation of between 8–16 hours, after which the coffee is washed and dried on patios for 6–8 days.

When he was younger, Luis Alonso hated working on his grandmother's coffee farm, and he never thought he'd work with coffee himself: Now, after 10 years as a grower, he feels like he has grown into coffee, and he feels like it has meaning because coffee touches everyone in the world. He hopes to expand his farm area, and to plant more Pacamara and some Gesha trees as well

Chalatenango, El Salvador


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