Mill City at the Minnesota State Fair

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One of the neat things about the posh lavish digs of Mill City Roasters is our location 2 miles down the street from the annual “Great Minnesota Get Together” at the Minnesota State Fair fairgrounds. For those of you who don’t know know, the fair is a very big deal. It’s in the running for the largest in the country second only to the Great State of Texas, but attendance runs Red State/Blue State close.


This year, our very own Serena snagged a second-place ribbon for her submission roses. Last year she took fourth place in the extremely competitive Dahlia competition. Serena is my son Nick’s better half and the grease that keeps things running smoothly here. As most of you know, Nick runs all things tech related for us including all customer facing tech support. He’s kind of amazing and I’ve very proud of him, but if he screws this thing up with Serena, he’s out and she’s in. 

Beyond all of that, Serena’s participation was a convenient excuse to wander around and reconnect with our agrarian roots. We checked out the livestock, made friends with a goat, saw some weird seed art, and perused the 4-H exhibits. In the process, we had a remarkably good cold brew and scone at the New French Bakery stand. New French has been around 35+ years in a couple of incarnations and is always worthwhile.

All in all, it was a pretty good morning. Cool and sunny, no mosquitoes, minimal standing in line. We enjoyed the journey and hope you enjoy the pics. Be sure to check out fair trivia, if you are interested.

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