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Photo by White Nene Coffee Roasters in Kailua Kona, HI

3 Kilogram Coffee Roaster, MCR-3D

$20,200.00 USD Sale Save

The MCR-3D roaster is a high-performance studio and lab roaster designed for ultimate thermal stability and precision roast control. As our smallest floor model featuring our Digital Control System, this fully-featured, professional production system has a narrow footprint and integrated, lockable casters for easy moving.

The Digital Roasting System integrates seamlessly with RoastPATH®, including the highly requested Roast Replay feature. During the roast, RoatsPATH® automatically logs BT, ET, IT and DT temperature readings, as well as fuel setting changes, and fan, fuel and drum speed adjustments. Direct drum pressure is also logged as a feedback loop for operator controlled roast airflow changes.

This model includes the Operator Assist System which automatically recovers to production charge temperature settings, starts timers, and triggers the cooling tray fan and stirring arms off/on at discharge from the drum or cooling tray. This system also incorporates position sensors that make it nearly impossible to accidentally discharge green coffee from the drum into a cooling tray filled with roasted coffee.

The MCR-3D is available in an NSF certified configuration. If you're interested in this capacity roaster but with our Digital Roasting System, check out the MCR-3D.

  • Roaster body with integrated cooling tray
  • Chaff collector
  • Advanced digital control panel with USB connection
  • Operator Assist Sensor Package
  • Thermocouples measuring BT, ET, IT, and DT
  • Digital drum pressure gauge
  • Safety cooling tray cover
  • Built-in drum gap adjustment mechanism
  • Pre-delivery support from our design team including space planning review, venting specification & project advice
  • Set-up call: 1-on-1 video call with our Support Team to review your installation before passing you on to a 1-on-1 video call with our Roastery Team to complete your first seasoning roast
  • Warranty

  • Choose from three optional layouts using our Quick-Connect kits to arrange components and exhuast -or- request a custom layout
  • Optional UL® NSF (National Food Safety) package.

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Arrives in two crates
Roaster crate: 70” X 42” X 74″, 1099 pounds
Chaff collector crate: 26” X 26” X 69”, 195 pounds

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This equipment is covered by Mill City Roasters' warranty.

Photo by White Nene Coffee Roasters in Kailua Kona, HI



Roasting 4 full batches an hour on an MCR-3 creates over 21 pounds of roasted coffee every hour. This yield is enough roasted coffee to fill more than 28 12-ounce bags. With a retail value of $18 per 12-ounce bag, you can create $507 of retail coffee per hour.

Want to see how your business expenses stack up against that income? Use our Roaster Income Calculator to use your real-life expenses and find a roaster capacity that works for your business plan.

Roaster Income Calculator


Automated Coffee Roasting

An entirely new approach to automation that keeps craft at the center of what you do. Available on all Digital Roasting System coffee roasters via a RoastPATH® software subscription.

Operator Assist Sensor Package

Standard on all roasters with our Digital Roasting System, the Operator Assist features are designed to lower the cognitive load of the operator. Once you have it, you'll never want to be without it.

Advanced Data Logging

Data is key to a modern coffee roasting practice. Knowing what happening inside your drum is at the heart of your internal QC program but also serves to help troubleshoot maintenance issues, evaluate workflow, and better understand your roasting process.

Precision Variable Control

Mill City Roasters was the first in the industry to offer as a standard feature variable fuel, fan, and drum control (we couldn't believe it either) but we've taken it a step further by refining that control for the operator.

Rapid Return Between Batch Protocol

Consistency in your roasting can only be achieved with stability in your roasting machinery. Automatic between batch protocol is standard on all MCR coffee roasters from the MCR-1 and up.


Certified machinery is more easily insurable, installable and our coffee roasters are backed by an experienced team to help advocate on your behalf with installers, contractors and permitting officials.


  • Monolithic, low carbon steel weldment – the heaviest constructed roasters in their class.
  • Fully gusseted for dimensional strength and stability.
  • Fully coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Integrated double-walled roast compartment is heavily insulated which further converts the chassis into a thermal battery – storing heat, rather than wasting it.
  • Materials in both the chassis and the roast compartment absorb heat more efficiently and release heat more consistently for increased stability of temperatures during profiling.
  • Trapping heat = trapping noise. Ambient drum noise is limited to a whisper quiet 60 decibels making it easier to hear those early outliers before first crack.


  • Double-wall, stainless steel drums standard on every model. The heaviest, most-efficient drum design in the industry.
  • Construction accuracy is machine trued to within +/- .025”.
  • 3mm air gap between inner and outer drum diffuses heat more evenly throughout inner drum.
  • Diffused heat at inner wall eliminates conductive roast defect, even at higher inlet temperatures.
  • Dramatically increased thermal efficiency by storing & using heat, rather than quickly releasing.
  • “Bomb proof” construction prevents warping due to operator error.
  • Every model equipped with quick response, variable drum speed allowing the operator to achieve ideal bean loft and conductive vs. convective ratio. Result is the flexibility to profile batches from 20%-120% of listed drum capacity on most models.
  • Advanced drum gap adjustment mechanism is standard on all models two kilogram capacity or greater, making adjustments easier and more precise.


  • Custom-designed, CSA® Design Certified low loss gas train designed by Mill City Roasters and used exclusively in our roaster line-up.
  • Custom burners designed specifically for coffee roasting.
  • Burner layout is specific to each model to achieve optimal burner-to-drum relationship.
  • Easy access, external shut-off valves on every roaster.
  • Built-in temperature limiters to allow for safe operation.
  • Built-in safety shut-off on pilot valve.
  • Easy on-site conversion from LP to natural gas.
  • Digital electronic modulating valve offering greater control for your most challenging profiles in variable batch sizes.
  • Fuel adjustments at the push of a button.

Air & Exhaust

  • Power-vented dual exhaust system standard on every model with fan placement designed to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Roaster exhaust fan is high pressure, high output 3-phase VFD speed controlled with linear response curve for more predictable and more precise airflow control and roast profiles repeatability.
  • Cooling tray exhaust fan is a dedicated, high-pressure fan providing rapid cooling to stop roast progression once batch is dropped in cooling tray. Dual exhaust system allow for simultaneous roasting and cooling, reducing back-to-back batch times and increasing production to 4+ batches per hour.
  • All machines include face-mounted digital drum pressure gauge.
  • All models equipped with dedicated, off-board chaff filtering collectors with easy access doors to aid in frequent clearing of chaff and completion of safety checks.
  • Optional quick-release venting kits available for every model.
  • Fully specified requirements for venting to termination including layout and cap recommendations.
  • Fan adjustments at the push of a button.


  • CSA® Design Certified CSA 1.8 for US and Canada, IEC, CE, ROHS.
  • CSA/UL certified Honeywell automatic ignition controller
  • All UL/CSA certified Delta PLCs and VFDs.
  • CSA/UL certified motors, relays, switches, and wiring.
  • Optional UL® NSF Certification available on every model.
  • Entire contact path of roaster (hopper, loading chute, faceplate, trier, drum, discharge gate, discharge chute, cooling tray cover, cooling tray floor, stirring/mixing arms, cooling tray gate, cooling tray latch, cooling tray gate) all custom fabricated with certified food grade stainless.
  • Teflon cooling tray wipers.
  • Heavy duty 5mm x 44mm Borosilicate sight glass.
  • Food service safe LED light.
  • Food safe resin-impregnated trier handle.
  • Stirring arms automatically stop when the cooling tray cover is opened.

Install & Maintain

  • Designed with stand-alone chaff collector to allow for easier moving, better access and easier maintenance. Separate components can offer more flexible layouts for users with space limitations.
  • Detachable control panels for moving components through standard size door openings. Removable hoppers on all models.
  • Lockable, smooth-action casters on roaster.
  • Adjustable leg heights on chaff collector.
  • Quick-Connect Kits available to quickly connect components.
  • Roaster body features large, full swing, removable access doors on both sides for easy access to interior components.
  • Cooling tray features large, full swing, removable access doors on both sides for easier cleaning.
  • Warranty

Planning & Installation

Layout A

Base layout with roaster connected to chaff collector and cooling tray connected to cooling tray fan via a removeable section. Additional disconnects for chaff collector and cooling tray fan exhaust ports available. This layout requires owner to install two exhaust lines to termination. 

Assembled size
(w x d)
2'-10” x 7'-4”
(0.88m x 2.24m)
Space required
(w x d)
7'-4” x 11'-10”
(2.24m x 3.61m)
Additional costNo

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Layout S (Separate exhaust lines)

Layout arranges dual exhausts into to two parallel connection points near back of roaster. Ideal for spaces with thru-wall terminations. This layout requires owner to install two exhaust lines to termination.

Assembled size
(w x d)
2'-10” x 7'-4”
(0.88m x 2.24m)
Space required
(w x d)
7'-4” x 11'-10”
(2.24m x 3.61m)
Additional costNo

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Layout G (Ganged exhaust lines)

Layout gangs dual exhausts into to one connection point above the chaff collector. Only usable in spaces with straight up, thru-roof terminations. This layout allows owner to install one exhaust line to termination.

Assembled size
(w x d)
2'-10” x 7'-4”
(0.88m x 2.24m)
Space required
(w x d)
7'-4” x 11'-10”
(2.24m x 3.61m)
Additional costNo

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Operates on LP gas or natural gas. Requires commercial gas pressure via 1/2" NPT connection. See installation manual for detailed pressure requirements.

Burners arrive configured for LP gas but can be converted for natural gas using our easy, on-site conversion kit.

We can also help sourcing the correct gas regulator for your installation and talk your installer through any questions they have regarding gas pressure.


Requires a dedicated single phase circuit, 220-230V, 15A, 50-60Hz.

Unit arrives with a power cord measuring 3 feet (1 meters) terminated with a NEMA 6-15 plug.


Requires dedicated Category III, Positive Pressure exhaust line(s) to carry exhaust from roaster drum & cooling tray to termination outdoors.

See installation manual for maximum runs, minimum heat ratings and clearance-to-combustible requirements. Our Design Team offers free consult to help you make a plan for your building.

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Customer Reviews

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Joe Moore

I have been roasting on my 3k from Mill City for 4 years. I want to recommend Mill City and their quality heavy duty machines. When I first purchased it and had questions, they were right there to help me. A few times I needed a few parts and they were very quick and responsive. The roaster has been tremendous and now I put an order in for a new 10K. I will keep the 3K and roast side by side.
Thank you Steve and all the other great people at Mill City!


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