About us

Mill City Roasters® is an independently-owned company building machinery and tools dedicated to the elevation and professionalization of specialty coffee roasting industry. From our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we oversee production and tech support worldwide. Our in-house roastery team operates the most successful professional coffee roaster education program in North America with monthly classes conducted on-site for aspiring coffee professionals worldwide.

How we Build

We build our coffee roasters in large batches of 30-40 machines which allows us to find efficiencies & cost savings in production. You can't get far only roasting one bag of coffee at a time, why would anyone build one roaster at a time? We foster partnerships to expand our global manufacturing & sourcing capabilities. Our quality component parts are sourced from Italy, Japan, Canada, China, Germany, and here at home in the USA (NC, MN). We assemble the chassis, panels & fuel systems of the coffee roasters at our exclusive assembly facility in Shenzhen China and all other assembly including UL® NSF assembly, venting components, production accessories are built here in our Minneapolis fabrication facility.

All of our design, engineering and tech, including our Digital Roasting System and RoastPATH® data logging and automation application, is developed and maintained in-house in Minnesota and in Colorado by our own team.

Our shenzhen assembly facility

'Lucky' the factory cat oversees final production testing.

Mill City is on a mission

In 2013, we set out with one goal. To make specialty coffee roasting a more accessible career path for everyone wishing to join our industry. We partnered with people all over the world and here at home in the US to build better quality machinery & tools that were affordable for small businesses. We gave away thousands of hours of roasting education online, for free. And we assembled a small but mighty team of professionals whose core purpose was to help people be safe & successful as they grow their businesses.

In our first decade, we've outpaced the competition because what we do - and how we do it - has resonated in the coffee community. Our line of coffee roasters has expanded from a single one kilogram roaster to include eleven roaster models, loaders, weigh/fills and afterburners. We've won major lab certifications including CSA® Design Certifications and UL® NSF. We've built an in-house roastery where we host the most successful professional coffee roasting education program in North America with monthly and bi-monthly classes conducted on-site for aspiring coffee professionals worldwide.

Our next big leap is tackling those issues that you're going to face in the next decade. We're hustling to close the historical gap between the old school roasting industry & technology while still maintaining craft as the core of specialty coffee. We're working with partners to create energy-efficient equipment that will satisfy upcoming regulatory changes. And we're continuing to make improvements in our variable control features so that you can work with any farmer from any origin and still be able to find the greatest potential in their harvest.

This is our mill city

Powered by the mighty Mississippi River and fed by boxcars of grain rolling in from the plains, the industrial growth in the 1800s gave Minneapolis bragging rights as the “Milling Capital of the World" or "Mill City".


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