Roasting 101 in Minneapolis

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New for 2024, we've added an extra day of hands-on coffee roasting training, pre-class videos so we can hit the ground running, and an optional, casual Saturday morning Coffee Break session focused on business topics.

Whether you are starting a business, a hobby, or the next chapter, Roasting 101 is the industry's best launching pad for coffee professionals. Our apprentice-style direction will allow you a comfortable structure through which you’ll get hands-on experience with the machinery, exposure to different greens and profiling strategies, and guided tastings to repeatedly connect our efforts to our results. 

Students will also receive an invitation to our online library of exclusive training videos. Watching these short lessons before joining us in Minneapolis will provide a helpful overview to specialty coffee roasting and prepare you for the hands-on portion of class. 

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In this class, we’ll walk through the typical steps you would take to source, sample roast, and develop a profile for a new coffee. Our apprentice-style direction will allow you a comfortable structure through which you’ll get hands-on experience with the machinery. At the machine, you’ll work as a team in a small group and together we’ll all move from sample roasting through production roasting and we’ll investigate variations of light, medium, and dark profiles for a single coffee.


Once we have some fundamentals down, we’ll apply what we’ve learned and play with different greens and new profiles. Using a learn-by-teaching method, students will take their experiences and offer advice to each other as they move from roaster to roaster. By sharing insights and expectations, students will begin to develop a vocabulary through which to communicate with others about what they are experiencing both with the machinery and the profile.


Over and over, we’ll return to the cup to evaluate the real output of our effort. We’ll experience the flavor, mouthfeel, and body of all of our roasts but we’ll specifically investigate students’ roasts of the same green coffee rendered differently in the cup. We’ll review the role that cupping protocol plays in your roasting and give you practical advice on how to establish a solid cupping practice for yourself.


Before class begins, students have access to a private video library with content to help them get ready to roast. Watch short videos on topics such as green coffee sourcing, green quality grading, sample roasting, and an overview of manual and digital control roasters. You'll be able to learn at your own pace and rewatch videos for clarity.


We operate a commercial roastery and provide roasted coffee to several cafes and private-label customers. By learning and working in our facility you will become familiar with other tools and equipment that are necessary to operate a commercial roastery.


Before Class
Watch the videos in our Roasting 101 Resources collection to prepare for your time in Minneapolis
Wednesday1pm-5pmSensory training, space planning, tour at Cafe Imports' green coffee warehouse
Thursday9am-4:30pm Cupping and calibration, roast level exploration, guided roasting exercises
Friday9am-4:30pmTeam roasting challenges, blend building, roasting naturals, machine care & maintenance
9am-11amOptional, casual discussion & Q/A focused on business ownership and strategy with Steve & Angie


  • This class is lead by Lauren & Bryant with pep-talks from Steve and a special session from Angie. 
  • You will roast on several roasters including the MCR500, MCR-2E, MCR-3D and MCR-6.
  • Lunch is provided on Thursday and Friday at Mill City Roasters.
  • No perfume, aftershave, heavy scents, etc. Gotta keep the air clear to smell the coffee!
  • Discounted hotel rates available.
  • Sorry, no cancellation refunds within 30 days of class. Groups must all attend the same class to receive the group discount.


Be sure to fill out your registration form. This information helps us prepare class materials, order lunches and get an idea of where you are in your roasting education. Before you arrive, watch the videos we've made in our Roasting 101 Resources collection so that we can all hit the ground running when we're together in Minneapolis.

Join us in Minneapolis

Roasting 101

It's always exciting to welcome a new group of students into our Minneapolis roastery for our popular Roasting 101 class. Take a peek at what it's like to be part of a group focused on leveling up their coffee skills.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Brad Parks
Can't say enough great things!

The professional yet personable team at Mill City Roasters pulls back the curtain on specialty coffee with a jam-packed, three-day course. It was a great blend of fun & hands-on roasting as well as discussions around architecture, profiling, green sourcing, cupping and even insights on business in general. I can't think of a stone unturned over the course of the experience, but I'm sure that in the event that something comes to mind the team at MCR will be happy to provide an answer. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

Etienne Beney
Fun and informative session

Definitely a great week in Minneapolis where the whole team of Mill City Roaster never hide any details on coffee operation from bean selection to roasting to tasting to brewing to testing......
Definitely a must for anyone interested in coffee (you don't even need to be wanting to open a shop or roastery, it's that good).

Jeremy Balch
Learning to roast with the best

We attended Roasting 101 to decide if we would add a commercial roastery to our business in addition to our coffee shop. Not only did we leave with the knowledge and confidence that we can do this, but that there is a professional team to support and guide us. Their team is highly skilled, personable and they provide a lot of hands on time roasting. We definitely look forward to working with Mill City in the next few months to build out our new roastery and will be back for more training.


I took this course with eyes wide open, ready to learn any and everything about roasting and the business of roasting. Everyone involved in this program - Lauren, Bryant, Steve, and Angie - are incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly talented, and genuinely interested in the success of your business. They keep it real and are a fun crew!
I met people with different backgrounds and levels of experience in roasting, from amateurs like me to those with 10+ years of running an already successful cafe, and it was unanimous that we each had something to gain. Do it, book the course!

Salvador Jaimes
Excelente! Good way to start you business

Everything is good in the "Roasting 101 Training": The place, the instructors, Roaster Machines, learning material, etc.
I did learn from how to select appropriate green coffee beans, roast small samples, and how to develop roasting profiles for specialty coffee, including espressos.
There is a plenty of practice in different size of coffee roaster machines, from 500gr to 20 Kg.
Thank you Mill City City Roaster for all the effort you place in developing this training


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