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Coffee roasting systems engineered for ultimate precision control coupled with advanced production tools that let you repeat your favorite profiles at the push of a button.

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Commercial quality in a small footprint. Ideal for start-ups or experienced operators wanting to deep dive into coffee science.

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The smart choice for growing coffee brands. Build a sustainable business with digital control, flexible batch sizes, and unmatched repeatability.

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Specialty coffee at a large scale. Controllability of a smaller roaster but at a batch capacity to take your coffee company to a national scale.

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Class: Roasting 101

Learn to Roast Coffee

Our popular Roasting 101 class serves as a launching pad for coffee lovers aiming to become coffee roasters and coffee business owners. This apprentice-style course is the jumpstart you need to get started.

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This week in coffee

Notes from the Cupping Table: June 2024

June in the Twin Cities is a perfect time of year. For our roasting team, it was filled with new coffees, a sold-out Roasting 101...

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The Coffee of the Summer: Rwanda Kirorero, Washed

It’s always exciting to have coffee from Rwanda in our offerings. Rwanda is a relatively small country, about the size of the state of Maryland,...

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The Utility Player on Your Team: Guatemala Huehuetenango AAPICAFI

New in the roastery here at Mill City Roasters is a mixed varietal, washed process coffee from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala. This coffee is...

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Notes from the Cupping Table: May 2024

In May, we hosted two sessions of Roasting 101 here in Minneapolis. We also filmed a new video on our Weigh/Fill machine (look for it...

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The Coffee Rose: A new sensory tool from Cafe Imports

In the coffee industry, the best way to evaluate the product is by tasting. Whether that be sampling roasting a new green coffee that just...

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Notes from the Cupping Table: April 2024

April seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Even with a break from our group roasting classes, our team stayed busy! A...

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Your specialty coffee HQ

If you have a plan, we are the partner you need

Every year, more and more specialty coffee professionals are starting long-term partnerships with our company. Whether you're starting from zero or leveling up, our team of experienced coffee professionals, engineers & designers go above and beyond to help you source the correct equipment, communicate with installers, and keep your operations up and running.

If you plan to go far, you should go with Mill City.

Work with more farmers

Our advanced control allows for ultimate flexibility to roast your most challenging greens. Compare harvest-to-harvest data from your RoastPATH® library.

Energy Conservation

Heavier-built chassis and high R-value insulated drums capture latent heat and reduce calls for fuel. Custom-designed gas trains for micro-adjustments to increase efficiency.

Lean Manufacturing

Our roasters are engineered to perform at 20% to 120% of their nominal batch size making restocks of varying quantities easy & giving you back control of your on-hand inventory.

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People in Coffee

If you're on the lookout for roastery spaces that inspire, look no further than the lush interiors of Freelance Coffee Project in Santa Clara, CA.

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People in Coffee

When it comes to coffee content, few people have been more generous in sharing their experience than Meg Le Vu of BLK City Roasters. She is an instant-follow for the coffee curious.

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people in coffee

Backstory Coffee Roasters' new North Loop cafe location is the talk of the town in Minneapolis.


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