MPE Coffee Grinder, SRM-4555

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The SRM-4555 from Modern Process Equipment costs more because it is worth it.

Utilizing the same technology as large “industrial” coffee grinders, the SRM-4555 produces grinds superior in quality to those attainable on disc-style grinders, resulting in a cool, uniform grind for the best possible brew performance of pre-ground packaged coffees.

The SRM-4555 is a very compact, small footprint, roller-style coffee grinder, producing up to 600 lb/hr of ground coffee with an extremely uniform particle size. 


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Arrives in one crate
Crate: 52" x 54" x 80", 750 pounds (340 kg)

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MPE provides a one (1) year warranty on manufacturer defects. Wear items are excluded. 


Standard model Includes:

  • Feeder Hopper - 1 cu-ft. Stainless Steel
  • Enclosed with open top for continuous feed connection.

Breaker Section

  • SRM 45, 4” x 5” rolls, 2-roll/1-pass
  • 8 AS/MP cuts/inch fast roll
  • 8 AS/MP cuts/inch slow roll

Fine Section

  • SRM 55, 5” x 5” rolls, 2-roll/1-pass
  • 20 ST/MP cuts/inch fast roll
  • 20 ST/MP cuts/inch slow roll

Normalizing Section

  • Included is steel tubular densifier configuration for chaff elimination/densification

Densification Control

  • Manual density control unit including single hole discharge assembly with weighted back pressure assembly for controlling densification and releasing coffee at the end of each “run.”


  • Machine Weight: 600 lb. (272 kg)
  • Power required: 3-phase, 220V, 20 amp 50-60hz (Other voltage available on request)
  • Colors: Burgundy, Black, White, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Red (no extra charge for color change on this model)

Save Space without compromising quality

SRM-4555 Coffee Grinder

Watch a walkthrough of the roller-style coffee grinder from Modern Process Equipment. Looking for an industrial style coffee grinder? Check out the MPE Coffee Grinder Model GPX.

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