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Catalytic air purification systems for environment-friendly and cost-efficient neutralization of smoke & scent

100% efficent, 0% Carbon

Most of us love coffee and we love people. We're roasting for the benefit of ourselves, our staff, and our producers, but we can't do it at the expense of either our neighbors or our planet. ReiCat's revolutionary electrically heated low-temp high-efficiency catalytic oxidizers afterburners are suitable for roasters sized from 2 to 10 kilograms. They don't burn fossil fuel. They are the worlds first truly green 100% effective scent elimination system. They're the environmentally responsible way to roast where, when and how you want.

ReiCatino® 100 & 450

  • Revolutionary high-efficiency, low-temperature catalytic matrix.
  • Most effective and lowest operating cost of all previously available scent abatement systems.
  • Utilizes exhausted heat from the roaster to preheat and maintain operating temperature.
  • Smaller, quieter, simpler, and easier to operate than gas fired thermal oxidizers or aqueous mist scrubbers.
  • Eliminates dust, chaff, and odors.
  • Advanced controls for temperature and airflow.
  • Automated pre-heat and cooling cycles.
  • Easy installation with custom-designed inlets & outlets as required for your roaster.
  • Sold and supported exclusively in North America by Mill City Roasters®.

ReiCat Industrial

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