Reicatino® Catalytic Afterburner

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Roast coffee in nearly any location with confidence.

The next generation of smoke & scent abatement for specialty coffee roasters is here. ReiCat Environmental Solutions electrically heated high efficiency catalytic oxidizers allow specialty coffee roasters the flexibility to roast coffee in nearly any location with confidence. Available for multiple sizes and models of roasters, this system converts roaster exhaust to odorless air allowing you to focus on your production and worry less about the scent of your roasting.

Size ReiCatino® 100
Include chaff pre-filter? No
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  • Revolutionary high-efficiency, low-temperature catalytic matrix.
  • Most effective and lowest operating cost of all previously available scent abatement systems.
  • Utilizes exhausted heat from the roaster to preheat and maintain operating temperature. 
  • Smaller, quieter, simpler, and easier to operate than gas fired thermal oxidizers or aqueous mist scrubbers.
  • Eliminates dust, chaff, and odors.
  • Advanced controls for temperature and airflow.
  • Automated pre-heat and cooling cycles.
  • Easy installation with custom-designed inlets & outlets as required for your roaster.
  • Optional pre-filter for chaff (not required for Mill City Roasters® models)
  • Sold and supported exclusively in North America by Mill City Roasters®.


ReiCatino® 100ReiCatino® 450
Overall Size (HxWxD)37.2 in x 19.6 in x 11 in (945 x 498 x 279mm)54.7 in x 27.6 in x 18.8 in (1391 x 703 x 479mm)
Max. incoming air volume62 cfm (100 m3/h)280 cfm (450 m3/h)
Inlet size5 in (125 mm)8 in (200 mm)
Outlet size6 in (150 mm)8 in (200 mm)
Operating temp range
482° - 662°F (250° - 350° C)
Electrical service required230V, 30A, single phase230V, 30A, three phase

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