Commercial Coffee Roasters: Used, Refurbished, & Trade-Ins.

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​​Most of you know that, beyond the occasional swapped out demo machine, we do not normally deal in used or refurbished coffee roasters.

Our machines are proven to hold their value. For us however, reselling used coffee roasting machines sight unseen and then arranging local crating and transportation require steeply discounted prices to cover these risks.

Rather than “low-ball” sellers to cover the financial risks of the unknown (like machine condition) and unexpected (like the shipping company losing or dropping a roaster), we prefer people to list them locally on Craigslist or nationally on EBay.

For years, I have kept a scattering of Post-It notes with names, models, locations, and phone numbers and simply parsed them out to people from those areas until they were sold.Now that inspiration has bloomed, I’m going to try posting their current links to my blog.

If we’re lucky, each posting will eventually help two people each make a fresh start and maybe I’ll get a little good karma credit for paying it forward.

I’m not endorsing any of these sellers. I don’t know the condition or the “fair” valuation of these machines. You are in the ring. Protect yourself at all times.

We support used machines the same way we support new machines, but machine warranties are not transferable. We’re here for you and we answer the phone, but you may be required to pay for troubleshooting time and you will be charged for replacement parts.

Used roasters 11/7/22:

Call the office for details at 612-886-2089

If you have a used or surplus commercial coffee roaster for sale, we’re here to help. Please let us know.

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  • Dear sir please kindly let me know if you have 1kg used coffee roaster

    Tarek on

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