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As an avid reader of Cook’s, I found their ideas on necessary coffee gear a good read. It’s great to see them raising the bar. Cook’s full article is available for your review.

Our daughter has the Bonavita 8-cup and I can heartily endorse their judgement on it. The brewer brings the water to the appropriate temp (195-205°) and presents a cup that rivals my pourovers. While not a fan of plastic in the prep, I have seen enough geeks use their Clever that I believe it too offers a great cup. Grab one here from Seattle Coffee Gear. Seattle Coffee Gear, a retailer from whom I have always received good service, will ship quickly. Give them a try. Seattle Coffee Gear has a ton of YouTubes on coffee equipment. View some when you need tips using your hardware.

Technivorm? That is all we use in the office as we don’t have an ability to heat water in a kettle. Truth is, I don’t think I could differentiate between a cup prepared in the TV from my own pourovers at home. Remember the TV when you are gifting someone for a special occasion. Technivorm from Seattle Coffee Gear.

Downside to the article? Grinders. Whirlygigs are woefully inadequate as a grinder of your coffee. Step up to the entry grinder, Baratza’s Encore ($130 shipped from Amazon). I have introduced at least 10 homebrewers to the Encore and all have raved at the improvement of the cup from the whirlygigs they were previously using.

Thanks, Cook’s, for keeping the discussion going.

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