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Another MCR first: NSF Commercial Coffee Roasters!

In case you haven’t noticed, things are seldom quiet here.

A couple of years ago, the State of California decided that coffee roasters installed in locations that serve retail coffee and other consumables must be NSF sanitation certified.

Sadly, that wasn’t nearly as easy as you might think.

Installing a non-NSF roaster meant hiring some kind of a field certification engineer to evaluate the machine for food safety and sanitization procedures. Depending on who you hired, the cost would range from $2500 to $5000 and typically take a month or more to complete.

It took several years, but we have finally received approval from UL to build and badge all of our machines from 500g to 20kg as NSF here in Minneapolis.

Starting next month, we’ll be reworking and badging machines NSF as a $2500 option for customers in California or anywhere else required.

If you are in an area where this is a regulatory concern, give me a call.


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