What the heck is RoastPATH?

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RoastPATH is currently available as a Windows Store app and Mac downloads can be found here: Quick Start Guide - Start Using RoastPATH

To date, RoastPATH has 1,000 registered users and has logged over 20,0000 roasts.

Mill City Roasters was the first manufacturer to embrace datalogging as a “standard” feature on all of our models. For years, Mill City Roasters pioneered and championed the use of Artisan and Cropster for several years even going so far as to contribute to the Artisan build library and provided Phidget and configuration support to hundreds of Cropster users.

Over time, we recognized the severe limitations of both platforms. Chief among them is the fact that traditional datalogging is “siloed” meaning that your data is only your data and remains dead to the roasting community at large. When you pass on, all of your understanding and knowledge, and experience disappear.

RoastPATH is built for professional collaboration between peers. Unlike other subscription services, data is never held hostage. Data can be exported, locally saved, shared and imported as pdf, csv and alog files.

As a cloud-based SAS application, users are allowed and encouraged to import and export greens, coffee, and roast data. You can share whatever you want, with whoever you want including in real time. Sharing a roast profile at the beginning of a roast allows viewers to watch your roast on any browser live.

Roast Review

The RoastPATH Forum allows users to pose questions and offer feedback based on real data. The RoastPATH Forum also offers you insight into who you’re listening to in the form of user account validation and member feedback evaluations.

RoastPATH Greens data includes the entire Cafe Imports and Olam Coffee’s greens database. Users can instantaneously access all of the data available on that particular green.

RoatPATH MasterPATH roast profiles can be displayed in the background to form roast templates. RoastPATH Roats Replay automates roast profiles on all Mill City digitally controlled machines.

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