Brewing A Better Single-Serve Coffee Pod

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As specialty coffee coffee people, we've always been wary of single-serve options. Too many lackluster cups of hotel room Keurig coffee have left us doubting that a great pod option truly exists. GreenPod is changing our minds on the subject. Gary and Julie Kratzer are roasters and business owners in Virginia. Together they founded GreenPod Coffee Packing, a single-serve co-packer and Private Label roasting company.

We caught up with GreenPod at Coffee Fest NY this March and had a chance to taste a cup of coffee brewed from one of their compostable, plastic-free pods. The cup quality blew us away. The flavor, body, and balance of the cup were on par with a great pour-over or a well-dialed-in batch brew. GreenPod is the real deal. We invited Gary and Julie to join Lauren for a quick chat about their product and the types of roasters they work with.

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