Roasting 101 - Igniting the Roaster and Shutting it Off

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Dave walks us through the beginning and final step of your roaster: turning it on and off. Coffee roasting education produced by Mill City Roasters. 

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  • My wife bought a coffe roaster sight-unseen @$1700, had it shipped here and now it sits as a dollar-sink, as she has no idea how to operate it. She came to me after it arrived to give it life!! I quickly asked for operating manual, no available, so I looked for manuf, info, no such, I told her probablt China made, which almost started a war. Using my porois instincts, I hooked ubit ti gas line, opened valves and didn’t hear nor smell any gas. Wondering if the blower must ne on before the gas in released?? SInce its a gas appliance, I am limited in my explorations with it!
    I can provide a photo, or whatever info you need, but is there anyway we could get some guidance on the unit, It is an older unit with LCD panel/control, has toggle switches, Do you provide a service to provide an assessment?

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