Your purchase of manufacturing equipment may be exempt from sales tax if your business meets conditions set by the state in which you are using the equipment. You can pass completed forms to us via email


Tips for applying:

    1. Choose the form from the state where your equipment will be USED. Exemption jurisdiction is based on where the item is used, not shipping or billing address.
    2. The business name and least one address (shipping or billing) on your orders/invoices with Mill City Roasters must match the info noted on your exemption form and registered with your state.
    3. If your business has been issued a TAX ID from your state, you must use that Tax ID on your form. We will only accept an FEIN on a form if that state has not issued your business a Tax ID (this is rare). 
    4. Read all instructions carefully. Consult your accountant if you need assistance.


 Choose your state:

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Order pickups:

If you are not from Minnesota and would like to pick-up your order at our Minneapolis location, two forms will be required to be exempted from Minnesota sales tax. We will need the exemption form from your home state (linked in list above) and an exemption form from Minnesota that states you will be transporting the goods out of Minnesota.

If your state is not noted above, an exemption will not be available.


Request a quote to get freight costs to have your equipment delivered to your location.

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