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Blend - Cold Brew

Brazil + Guatemala + Natural Ethiopia
A versatile blend designed for cold brew. Rich and syrupy with cherry sweetness and low acidity.
$8.50/lb - Medium roast

Blend - Espresso #1

Brazil + Guatemala + Washed Ethiopia
A blend that is versatile for both espresso and drip brewing. Designed for balance, sweetness, and acidity with notes of chocolate, red fruit, and almonds. Available year-round.
$7.70/lb - Medium roast

Blend - Espresso #2

Brazil + Guatemala + Papua New Guinea
Dark roasted espresso offering with notes of bittersweet cocoa and toffee. Excellent with steamed milk, syrups, and sauces.
$7.70/lb - Dark roast

Brazil - Cerrado Mineiro Fazenda Severino, Natural

Round and sweet with mild citric acidity. Notes of walnut, vanilla, and milk chocolate.
$8.00/lb - Light, medium or dark roast

Colombia - Huila, EA Decaf

EA processed (Sugarcane method) Rich and buttery with notes of red apple, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
$8.50/lb - Medium roast

Colombia - Manos Juntas, Natural

Sweet and silky with notes of orange starburst, powdered donuts, and raspberry iced tea.
$10.00/lb - Light roast

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Chelbessa, Natural

Jammy and floral with malic acidity. Notes of mixed berries, maple, and Red Vines licorice
$10.50/lb - Light roast

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe, Chelchele Washed

Sweet and juicy with notes of orange marmalade, strawberry, and white tea
$10.00/lb - Light roast 

Guatemala - Huehuetenango, Washed

Round and sweet with notes of milk chocolate, mixed nuts, and apricot.
$9.00/lb - Light, medium, or dark roast 

Papua New Guinea - Wahgi Valley Kunjin, Washed

New! Medium weight with tame citric acidity. Notes of toffee, cooked lemon, and tobacco.
$8.50/lb - Dark roast

Rwanda - Western Province Kirorero, Washed

New!  Deep sweetness and winey acidity. Notes of honey, black cherry, and rooibos tea.
$10.50/lb   -   Light roast
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Toll Roasting FAQ

For our returning customers, toll roasting orders typically leave our roastery within 2-3 days. If you're new here, contact us so we can get you set up in our system. We may require a Sales Tax Exemption form before your first order.

We package in 5 pound vented kraft bags with easy-to-read labels. Bags are boxed up to 40 pounds at a time. We ship toll roasted coffee via UPS.

If you are interested in branded packaging or direct-to-consumer shipping, contact us for pricing.

Order your coffee in 40 pound increments. A ~40 pound box shipped via UPS Ground the lowest cost-per-pound shipping rate.

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There's a handful of days every year when our roastery is shut down for an event or a holiday. We'll reach out with reminders as dates approach so you can order ahead. Thanks!

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