Flores - Manggarai Tuang, Washed

$6.36 per pound
Cupping Score 83
Floral, jasmine, sweet lemon, Beaujolais wine, Pinot Noir, cooked cherry, cocoa
Lively, punchy, citric
Blood orange, red fruit, fruit leather, orange blossom water, melon candy, plantain, hibiscus
Cane sugar, rich, punchy

Juicy and round


Soft tannins, lemon bars

Size 10 pound bag

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In Our Roastery

When we first saw this coffee on the offerings list from Cafe Imports, the roastery team had to think, “have we had a coffee from Flores before?” The answer was no. No we have not. It was exciting to have an origin come through our doors that we have never had before. It’s an experience we don’t have often after working in the industry for many years. 

After tasting it, our excitement grew. This coffee is complex and unique. The flavors are difficult to pinpoint, but inviting and delicious. It reminds us of washed offerings from Ethiopia, and the best of Kenya combined. Big floral notes, sweet wine, juicy citrus, and deep sweetness. Do not pass on this coffee. 

In Your Lineup

This coffee will make an incredible single origin offering on any pourover menu. At a well developed light roast, about two minutes into the development phase, you will find juicy citrus, big florals, and sweet wine. 

At the lighter end of a medium roast around +2:20-2:30 into development, you will experience more fruit leather, pastry, and darker sugars. 

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RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR500 while roasting a 400 gram batch.


Turning Point
Green < Yellow

First Crack

Origin: Flores
Region: Manggarai
Farm: Tuang Coffee
Variety: Kartika, Timor Hybrid, Caturra
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1300-1700 masl
RoastPATH® ID: CI360-A02-0354


Washed coffees make up the vast majority of the Flores coffee market. Most of Cafe Import's Flores washed coffees are fermented in cherry, washed, and dried on patios or raised beds.

Manggarai is an area of western Flores and islands off the west coast that has been split into three regencies over the past 70 years. The Manggarai people, descendants of the aboriginal peoples of Flores, have settlements covering almost the entire western third of Flores. Tropical farming is a large portion of the area’s economy, including rice, legumes, vegetables, tobacco, corn, and coffee.

Geographically, Manggarai is mountainous, with foggy valleys in between peaks and terraced rice fields throughout. The highest peaks of the highlands are lava domes formed by Ranakah volcano, reaching 2,350masl. Coffee is mostly grown between 1300-1700masl, concentrated in central to eastern Manggarai. The rainy season is from October to February, with the dry season from March through September.


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