Papua New Guinea - Wahgi Valley Kunjin, Washed

$4.95 per pound
Cupping Score 84
Marshmallow, chocolate, earthy, citrus
Mild lemon, soft, balanced
Toasted pecan, cooked lemon, red apple, toffee, savory, sweet clove
Peanut butter cookie
Round and smooth
Quick and clean, Swiss Miss
Size 10 pound bag

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In Our Roastery

Papua New Guinea is an origin we look to for medium and darker roasted single origin offerings. It also serves as a perfect blending component in our Espresso for Darker Roasts. Coffees from the Indo-Pacific tend to add tremendous body to blends and can have lower perceived acidity. When this offering gets to the bottom of the bag, we will look to Sumatra and Java as replacements for blend components, but Papua New Guinea is a unique origin. Being able to offer this coffee as a single origin is a delight. The balance of sweetness, savory quality, and rich earthiness is distinct and unlike any other coffee we've had. 

In Your Lineup

Papua New Guinea can have really lovely dried fruit and chocolate-like notes as a medium roast offering. When you push the roast darker you will taste more warming spices and pipe tobacco with bittersweet cocoa . A medium target on our larger production machines here at Mill City Roasters could be 405°- 415° while our darker roast levels settle around 419°- 423° at outliers of second crack. Finishing the roast just before the start of second crack helps us maintain some of the lovely citrus and malic acidity this coffee has to offer while still showcasing its rich and sweet qualities. 

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RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR-3D while roasting a 2 kilogram batch.

0:00 425°FCharge
Turning Point
Green < Yellow
First Crack

Origin: Papua New Guinea
Region: Wahgi Valley
Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1400-1900 MASL


In the contemporary global coffee industry, Papua New Guinea is wholly unique both in how coffee is harvested and exported from the country. While there are some estates and plantations, most coffee production comes from smallholder farmers, each with around 1–2 hectares of land called “gardens” on which they grow small amounts of coffee along with whatever else a family or community might need for use or sale.

Sourcing coffee in Papua New Guinea poses unique logistical, cultural, and linguistic challenges. The country’s many indigenous populations are often very distinct from one another in terms of custom and language, and individual communities might comprise only a few hundred people, making communication and the cultural sensitivity required to do business here more difficult than in other coffee-growing regions. 

Papua New Guinea


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