2023 Holiday Blends are here!

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As the weather turns colder and the days begin to shorten, holiday menus are at the front of our minds. We’ve offered green blends designed for the holiday season for the past several years. For many roasters, this is the best-selling roasted blend of the year - they seek to capture the flavors of festive winter foods, treats, and baked goods. They are meant to be comforting, delicious, and accessible. They should appeal to all coffee drinkers, from “one to 92”, no matter what they prefer drinking during the rest of the year.

This year, we knew we wanted to bring back two of our most popular Holiday Blends. Snowblind is a blend crafted for the lighter roast profile. It’s bright, cheery, and lively with notes of cranberry, vanilla, and pecan pie. Hibernate is “a winter blend for sleepy bears” and offers cozy flavors like marshmallows, mulled wine, and warming spices. We know both blends will make excellent additions to your menu.

Green blending is an inexact science. These blends are the result of many weeks of work and experimentation in sourcing, profiling, and cupping. To create them, we utilized a few fresh crop coffees in our inventory and sought out a few components that were different from anything we’ve carried before. The result is two coffee blends that are distinct and memorable. As always, we’ve shared our tasting notes and roast profiles on our greens pages. We hope you’ll love these blends as much as we do.

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