Blending? T'aint Easy

Confession time, and it isn’t even Sunday. When I started roasted 9 years ago, I was taken with blending. I thought that was the ‘end-all, be all.’ Wrong.

Over the years, I have moved to strictly single origin pourovers and espresso roasts. I find origins too interesting to blend away. But, alas, the boss clamored for a blend for his morning ‘presso. No luck in persuading him to stick to single origins, so off to the blending kitchen we went.

We cupped a great Brazil yesterday (look for it in mid-February) so I used what I had left-over from the cupping roast as a base. I like to use Brazils or Sumatrans for my bass/crema/chocolate & nuts. In that I had just a little left over, I blended 33/33/33, Brazil/Colombian (vienna roast)/Ethiopian Adado. Results?

Good ristretto, a bit punchy. Next time? 60/20/20, Braz/Col/Adado. Come back in late February and I will let you know how that one turns out. Looks very promising…

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