Cheat Sheet: Coffee bag size by origin

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Last week we were working through some drum capacity calculations and it was interesting to see the common full coffee bag sizes laid out by origin. Take a look. 


 Bag size in kilograms Bag size in pounds Origin
45.45 kilograms 100 pounds Hawaii
Puerto Rico
50-60  kilograms 110-132 pounds India
60  kilograms 132 pounds Brazil
69 kilograms 151.8 pounds Guatemala
70 kilograms 154 pounds Colombia


There is, of course, outliers to these numbers above and half-bag sizes, too - like our 35 kilogram half bags available from Colombia producer, Forest Coffee. But its still interesting and if someone has time, they should take a closer look at that 69 kilogram size and let us know how that came to be. 

Our roaster lineup at Mill City Roasters is based on a 60 kilogram bag size to catch that broad middle of the road bag size that is more common across origins. When you invert a 60 kilogram bag across our line-up, this is where the numbers fall.

Roaster Drum Capacity Fraction of 60 kilogram bag
 500 gram, MCR500 1/120
1 kilogram, MCR-1 1/60
2 kilogram, MCR-2D


3 kilogram, MCR-3/3D 1/20
6 kilogram, MCR-6 1/10
10 kilogram, MCR-10 1/6
15 kilogram, MCR-15 1/4
20 kilogram, MCR-20 1/3
30 kilogram, MCR-30 1/2
60 kilogram, MC-60 1


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