Engineering the New MCR-2E 2kg Electric Coffee Roaster

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Years ago, when I first launched Mill City, we built electrically heated 500g and 1kg electric roasters. For a couple of our early years we also sold and supported the Coffee-Tech line of roasters including the very good electrically heated FZ-94 and their less capable “Solar” model.

These models were convenient, but their performance was weak relative to gas fired roasters of comparable size.

Since the world had no shortage of mediocre coffee, I shifted my focus exclusively to performance and dropped the electric models from the line.

Over the course of the intervening years, I learned a lot about coffee, machine control and heat transfer. Happily too, very sophisticated and previously very expensive, voltage control devices were more widely available at a cost that justified their use in a small roaster.

Thus, when we pooled everything we knew about roasters, roasting, thermal transfer and machine control into the MCR-2D, we specifically incorporated features that would allow us to utilize the same chassis to create the world's first truly high performance electric coffee roaster.

In my world, high performance means excellent results from 400g to 2000g batch sizes with enough control that the machine is never the limiting factor to what you want your coffee to taste like.

The roaster pairs US made UL listed 5000 watt heating elements with a made-in-Minneapolis precision laser cut mild steel drum. It is the first production MCR model to include Mill City fabricated components as standard to every machine.

The system is CSA 22.2 and UL 197 certified for installation anywhere in North America. NSF certification is optional for retail coffee shop locations in California.

The MCR-2E features the RoastPATH Automation ready digital control system standard on all MCR production roasters. Precision electrical heat output is provided by an advanced programmable square wave modulation system.

The MCR-2E also includes advanced automated between batch preheat and operator assist functions for charge, discharge and cooling tray functions. 

For installation in locations where the scent of roasting could become a nuisance, the MCR-2E pairs with the electrically heated Reicatino 100 system for an automated zero emissions, zero scent solution.

More information about the Reicat system can be found here: ReiCat Afterburners – Mill City Roasters

Pricing and specifications for the MCR-2E: 2 Kilogram Electric Coffee Roaster, MCR-2E – Mill City Roasters

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