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Many of you know that we do a big chunk of our engineering here in Minneapolis.

Over the years, we have grown to be the most skilled, most professional, most experienced, and most capable manufacturer in this industry. We know how to build machines that reliably make money and we know exactly how to keep them running.

We don’t sub much out. We’ve vertically integrated enough to prototype pre-production parts and machine modifications for testing prior to bumping engineering change orders back to our production facility in Shenzhen.

In addition to our CSA design certifications for the US and Canada, we hold UL electrical and NSF sanitation certifications for our Minneapolis location. Any wiring we do here will be UL 508A certified and, for anyone whose local regulatory scheme demands it, we can modify and badge their roasters as NSF.

All firmware and software development takes place here in Minneapolis and this work is done by permanent members of our internal engineering and design teams.

For production equipment that relies on software to produce, this is kind of much more vital than you might think. First, because when Windows or Apple mysteriously updates and everything breaks, we’ve actually got people on staff to keep you in business. We’re not begging someone by the hour to tell us why our sh-t doesn’t work and you’re not waiting for weeks or months while someone works your issue into their schedule.

For the last several years, I’ve been accumulating fabrication equipment. First to repair machines and later to improve them. The next big step is to begin the production of critical components and sub-assemblies here in Minneapolis.

I’ve built stuff like this for decades. It’s enormously complicated and expensive, but we think the industry cries out for a 21st-century approach to roasting. This laser will help us invent a better future.

Stay tuned.


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