New Roaster Color (Experiment?)

As a design aesthetic, our roasters have always been a bit more Bauhaus where form very closely follows function. They are classically abstract, angular, and geometric, with little ornamentation.

I choose this new color scheme mostly because, after thousands of utilitarian black bodied roasters, I simply wanted to experiment with a new set of contrasting colors.

Basically, I was bored.

When I conjured this up, I was thinking the two tone look of these machines kind of emulated a handful of things I’ve always thought were pretty neat.

The brown and cream color combination is pretty classically western. I grew up around horses and one of our show saddles and matching tack were highly polished brown with rich cream accents. I remember too, the two-tone saddle shoes my mother bought me and that I initially hated and later loved. I’m pretty sure Roy Rogers frequently wore matching shirt and breeches in the same color scheme.

On the coffee side, my first vintage mid-century Swiss Ditting cupping grinder was nearly the same color brown as were the vintage Italian Nuova Point espresso cups and saucers I scored at a Goodwill store about 20 years ago.

Lastly and laughably, whilst I was trying to explain my motivations for this much more impulse than not color scheme to our very own chief of design Angie Davis, who as a stone cold design professional utterly loathes ornamentation in nearly all forms so much she’d be happiest aesthetically if the entire world were palleted in various shades of grey, gray, charcoal, mist, black, and dark black, I glanced at the corner and my office and rediscovered the same colors in my very vintage Bell tube amp and ancient H&K Imperial speakers.

All of this is a little goofy, but oddly meaningful to me.

I hope someone likes it as much as I do. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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