How do our large roasters compare?

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Ridiculous. Our machines are constructed as solid plate steel weldments. They are heavier and quieter than almost everything on the market, and just happen to be robust and powerful enough to profile roast full batch sizes for as long as you care to stand there.
The only people talking about continuous use or vibration problems are sales guys for other manufacturers or people repeating what they’ve been told by sales guys for other manufacturers.
That tactic is known as the FUD principle as in “Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” I get the idea that they’ve got a job to do, mouths to feed, and positions to protect. I can’t find it in my heart to blame them, but here’s my real answer: I’ve spent the last 5 years making good roasters great for speciality coffee roasting. I’ve directed my entire 10 years of roasting and 30 years of process machinery design experience towards building a more capable, more efficient, and more affordable system. Then I’ve applied all of the mistakes I made towards building a more efficient education and support network to make sure that no matter what, the production equipment we sell becomes and remains productive.
Diedrich, San Fran, Probat, et al. have been doing this for decades. They’ve had every opportunity and every advantage to build roasters that better meet the requirements for the commercial production of speciality coffee. They could have shown more people how to roast, they could have designed and built more affordable machines, they could have developed a better commercial coffee roasting curriculum, they could have been more responsive to the feedback of their customers, they could have taken an active role in the international coffee community, moreover they could have noticed when the industry changed.
Sadly for them, they’ve let the camel’s nose beneath the tent and we’re here. This isn’t a pitch; it’s a prediction: you may not purchase your next machine from us, but I have already wagered that eventually we’ll be compelling enough that you’ll likely purchase your last one from us.

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Mill City Roasters

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