Colombia - Guava Banana, Natural

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Strawberry daiquiri, kiwi, tropical, berry bomb, bubble gum, prosecco, red punch, strawberry, grapefruit candy, crisp, floral, key-lime
Blood orange, jam-like, tart
Blood orange, pink lemonade, bismarck, watermelon candy, cranberry punch, hibiscus, jasmine, kiwi-lime, pinot gris, chardonnay
Cranberry Punch
Juicy, syrupy, coating
Sangria, lingering

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In our roastery

Our Roastery Team has had the opportunity to become friends with Shady Bayter from Fresno, Tolima in Colombia. Shady, along with his brother Elias and their mother Martha, operate Forest Coffee – a thriving export brand featuring a selection of coffees from their own estate, Finca El Vergel, as well as surrounding farms. 

We’ve already collaborated on two greens from Forest in the past, the excellent Gesha Marcela and the Java El Eden. Their team is bringing some truly impressive coffees to the North American market. We're excited to connect you to this farm by offering three greens that will ship directly to you from Forest Coffee in Colombia.

These three greens are available in 35 kilogram bags. It typically takes 2-4 weeks to arrive to locations in the US via Fedex.

In your lineup

This Red & Yellow Caturra is one of the flagship coffees produced at EL VERGEL, located in the micro-lot next to the washing station, and surrounded by Guava trees, this coffee profile has been one of the most intense and fruity coffees developed by the estate. 

Guava Banana is a natural anaerobic fermentation process of the Red and Yellow Caturra varietal. This blend shows how adventurous this profile coffee can be, and is a great representation of controlled fermentation. 

At Mill City, we love natural coffees that are clean, fruit-forward, crisp, and sparkling. We look for fruit flavors but steer away from the boozy characteristics that can sometimes arise from long fermentation times. This coffee achieves that goal beautifully. 

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RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR-2D while roasting a 1 kilogram batch.


Turning Point

Green < Yellow

First Crack

Origin: Colombia
Region: Fresno, Tolima
Mill: El Vergel - Elias and Shady Bayter
Variety: Red and Yellow Caturra
Process Method: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1920 masl
RoastPATH® ID: N/A


Planted in 2016 & 2018 with a quantity of more than 40,000 plants, this lot has been one of the best of the estate to experiment with processing bigger lots. Processed with a unique method at the estate that consists of a special anaerobic 2 step anaerobic fermentation to develop a more intense but clean profile, to showcase all the attributes of the variety combined with flavorous unique from the process, which is then dried at the sun for 15 to 25 days.

This coffee was processed through an anaerobic controlled temperature fermentation for 48 to 60 hours taking close control of the ph levels, followed by an intermittent drying process of a series of stalls in different moisture levels to enhance complexity, and finished in silos to obtain accurate moisture of the beans and then stabilized for 45 days to homogenize the beans and promote complexity to the profile.

Fresno, Tolima, Colombia


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