Peru - Cajamarca Lima, Washed

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Cupping Score 82
Raisin, cocoa, cranberry, dried blackberry, red gummy candy, vanilla, approachable
White grape, malic
Baked apple, red fruit, chocolate candy, almond
Cane sugar, cherry Coke
Velvety, round
Clean and pleasant
Size 10 pound bag

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In Our Roastery

Peru is an origin that we always make space for on our menu whenever it's in season. We know this origin well and have many places we utilize it across our Toll Roasting and retail programs. It's an incredibly reliable coffee that can take the place of several other Latin American offerings when they run out, and we look forward to tasting fresh crop Perus as soon as they become available.

In Your Lineup

This coffee is fun to explore across each roast level. As a single-origin offering, we like it best as a medium roast, whether it's on the lighter or darker side of medium. That could be anywhere from 405°-415° on our larger production roasters. When we use this coffee in one of our blends, it provides great sweetness and a round, velvety body. 

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RoastPATH® profile recorded on an MCR-20 while roasting a 14.5 kilogram batch.

0:00 465°FCharge

Turning Point

Green < Yellow
First Crack

Origin: Peru
Region: Cajamarca
Producer: Lima Coffee
Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1650-1800 MASL


Cajamarca is a semi-dry, semi-cold, tropical highland of Peru with very fertile soil at high Andean mountain elevations. All of these factors contribute to the potential of specialty coffee production in the area, which is growing. 

Rony Lavan is an ambitious and quality-driven cupper who has spent his career trying to carve out better and bolder coffees from small producers in Peru. As president of the Lima Coffees exporting organization, Rony has already established himself as standing at the fore of microlot-quality coffees in Cajamarca. His first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition and won; with the introduction of the Cup of Excellence competition to Peru in 2017, the country is poised to enter the international spotlight for its finest offerings. Rony and his coffees will be the ones to watch.

Cajamarca, Peru


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