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Over the past year, our Roastery Team has become remote pals with Shady Bayter from Fresno, Tolima in Colombia. Shady (pronounced Shah-dee), along with his brother Elias and their mother Martha, run Forest Coffee – a thriving export brand featuring a selection of coffees from their own estate, Finca El Vergel, as well as surrounding farms. We’ve already collaborated on two greens – if you had a chance to snag the excellent Gesha Marcela or the Java El Eden from our greens page this past year, then you’ve already experienced some of Forest Coffee’s impressive product. And this Summer, we’re really excited to further connect you to this farm by offering three greens that will ship directly to you from Forest Coffee in Colombia.
We’ve chosen the three greens below to get us started.

El Vergel is a washed lot of the Caturra varietal. A well rounded foundation coffee that has notes of brown sugar, red fruit, and pecan. It finishes clean, is mild in body, and versatile in use as a single origin offering or incorporating into blends.

From Gaitania in the Tolima region of Colombia, NasaWesx is a washed lot named after the indigenous community producing this higher elevation coffee. It is a blend of Castillo, Caturra, and Colombia varietals. This coffee is unique and perfect as a single origin offering, and reminds me of a classic washed Ethiopia when roasted at a lighter level.

Guava Banana is a Natural Anaerobic Fermentation process of the Red and Yellow Caturra varietal. This blend shows how adventurous this profile in coffee can be, and a great representation of controlled fermentation! Natural’s we love here are clean, fruit forward, sometimes crisp and sparkling, but never lacking in fruit, and steering away from the boozy characteristics that can sometime arise from long fermentation times.

These three greens are available in 35 kilogram bags. It typically takes 2-4 weeks to arrive to locations in the US via Fedex but the good news is that shipping is FREE.

We’ll be working with more of these coffees in the future and we’re really looking forward to watching Forest Coffee’s offering continue to evolve. It’s been a real pleasure to be so closely connected to a producer – can’t wait to see what’s next!

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