Roast Magazine's Macro Roaster of the Year is Cafe Kreyol

Congratulations are in order for our friends at Cafe Kreyol in Manassas, Virginia. The company was just recognized as Roast Magazine’s Macro Roaster of the Year! This award is a huge honor and a well-deserved title for Cafe Kreyol. Their work as a roaster and green coffee partner is improving the lives of coffee farmers in many growing countries.

The award’s “macro” roaster category applies to companies that roast 100,000lbs or more annually. Cafe Kreyol has been in business for over ten years and they are currently roasting on a Mill City 30kg machine. Their growth as a roaster is due in large part to their relationships at origins, where the story of their company began.

Cafe Kreyol’s founder Joey Stazzone started the company after he saw the disconnect between service work and economic impact on a trip to Haiti. He realized that a more long-term solution for helping Haitians develop their own revenue stream would be to partner with them on importing green coffee. Since then, they’ve worked towards similar efforts in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil. Cafe Kreyol is currently roasting over 270,000lbs each year, but their importing programs are moving over 630,000lbs per year from origin to roasters.

We’re sending our congrats to Joey, Eric, and the whole team at Cafe Kreyol!

Read the full article on Roast Magazine’s website.

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